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  • Instant water heating solutions.

    The solution to your daily struggles with hot water. With our systems, you can say goodbye to waiting for hot water to arrive and enjoy instant access to hot water all day, every day. Whether you need hot water for a quick cup of coffee or a relaxing shower, our instant hot water systems have got you covered.

Water heating
Load shedding solutions
Technical Assistance
Electrical fittings
Water heating
Load shedding solutions
Technical Assistance

Do you or your technician need help with any of our products? Worry not, we have an onsite state of the art technical  application to help us help you remotely. You will feel like we are right there with you.  Call/WhatsApp us at 084 693 3824 and we will get one of our technicians to assist.

Electrical fittings

Gas Geysers​

Discover the different types of Gas Geysers and what sets them apart.

Load shedding budget combos

Load shedding Budget Combos

Fast Shipping

Enjoy world-wide fast shipping on all your orders

Hassle free Returns and exchanges

Not satisfied? Place guaranteed returns or exchanges on your orders. Ts & Cs apply.

24/6 Free Support

From assembly to usage, our experts have got you covered.

Remote Assist

We use intelligent IT solutions to provide the best remote assist. Our experience and industry know-how have only made us better.

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